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Syndar is a leading manufacturer & supplier of solutions for checkweighing, metal detectors, x-ray inspection, x-ray security inspection, etc.
For many years, Syndar has been focusing on innovations in product checkweighing, food checkweighing and safety testing in all industries. We are experienced and proactive we will provide high-quality equipment and determine effective solutions according to your needs, using existing Modular standard product portfolio, or develop tailor-made solutions to more effectively improve productivity and market positioning.


Automatic checkweigher is a weight testing equipment that can detect overweight and underweight unqualified products in the production line online.

Combined system automatic checkweigher

Grading check weighing can be used in automated assembly lines to automatically sort products of different weights according to the set.

Metal Detection

The metal detector machine is a professional metal detector, which eliminates the risk of products being returned to the factory due to metal impurities.

X ray inspection

x ray machine inspection is used to detect various foreign objects in products such as metals, glass, stones, plastics, and ceramics.

Security inspection equipment

The security x ray machine assists in detecting some illegally prescribed items, eliminating dangerous items, and ensuring the safety of people or buildings in public places.

Syndar flourishes by maintaining a consistent partnership with customers, and is committed to solving weighing and inspection problems for manufacturers/suppliers, providing independent weighing and OEM integrated solutions tailored to your machine and production line requirements. Program.
Contact us to provide the latest product solutions, or choose the products you need in your field.
Dynamic checkweigher

Syndar has integrated the CW series automatic checkweigher into the production lines of leading manufacturers in various industries around the world.

Optional tailor-made modular applications, product checkweighing accuracy can be as small as 0.05g, and the number of CW load cells can be up to 600 per minute. It is the best choice for the food industry, and the dynamic checkweigher product portfolio is at the highest It has the highest accuracy at speed, can achieve extremely high output, guarantee product quality and safety, and the machine is simple and intuitive to operate.

Extensive Syndar services to retain uptime and standards

Professional service

The professional pre-sales team will guide customers how to choose the most suitable products. We can provide different solutions and design the best intelligent solutions according to your industry needs.

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Quality Control

SYNDAR staff will conduct a series of tests on the products before selling any products to ensure that there are no quality problems before selling. Checkweigher: Whether the weighing function of the load cell is accurate and whether the weighing belt can operate normally. Detector: Whether the performance is normal and whether the detection function of the instrument is normal.

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Spare parts support

We will provide spare parts to replace parts that are easily worn out or damaged, reduce the downtime caused by sudden equipment failures to a minimum, and focus on supplying key equipment maintenance.

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Syndar provides a training team to provide online comprehensive guidance and training, basic software training/customized software training, to assist you in a deeper understanding of the product, and customize the training content according to the basic level and actual needs of the trainees.

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Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

  • The Composition of the Checkweigher
    The Composition of the Checkweigher
    With the promotion of automated production lines and the improvement of production processes, the development of checkweighers has become more and more rapid. We classify sorting and check weighing systems into check weighing systems, conveyor systems, auxiliary systems, etc. Below are the details.
  • Ten Tips for Improving Checkweigher Performance
    Ten Tips for Improving Checkweigher Performance
    Checkweighers are important equipment in the food weighing pharma check weigher and inspection industry. They help ensure accurate weight control, maximized efficiency, and consistent product throughput. We've outlined ten ways to help you improve your checkweigher performance.