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The professional pre-sales team will guide customers how to choose the most suitable products, answer users' questions one by one, and eliminate users' doubts.

Commitment to uphold the spirit of honest service and the attitude of quality assurance to perform after-sales service.

  • 1. Quick response: All-day hotline, SMS, email support, 4 hours response, 8 hours to provide solutions, 24 hours in place

  • 2. One-year warranty: users can enjoy free warranty service provided by the company within one year of purchasing the product

  • 3. Tailor-made: The company can individually design and produce according to the user's special situation and requirements; design the best intelligent solution according to your industry needs.

  • 4. Lifetime maintenance: The company provides users with technical consultation, technical training, product upgrades and other services for a long time to make customers more at ease.

  • 5. Technical support: users can consult the service hotline at any time when they encounter any problems in use, to ensure that your problems are solved in a timely and smooth manner; "one-stop" service: the company uses multiple methods (phone, WhatsApp, email) Answer customer questions efficiently and provide technical support at any time.

  • 6. Provide a selection table for customers to fill in and customize products according to their needs.

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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