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Security check

Security check

The content of the security inspection is mainly to check whether the passengers and their luggage carry guns, ammunition, flammable, explosive, corrosive, toxic radioactive and other dangerous goods to ensure the personal and property safety of the aircraft and passengers.

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Logistics security

In order to ensure that no prohibited items are mixed in the logistics and express delivery process, security inspection equipment can be used to detect them.

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Security Check in Public Places

There are a lot of people coming and going in public places, and for safety reasons, personal belongings can be tested.

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Public Security Law

Ensure that people entering the public, procuratorate, and legal premises do not carry any dangerous goods.

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  • Checkweigher-multiple practical functions
    Checkweigher-multiple practical functions
    Many of the packages we buy will mark the weight in grams. In fact, I thought about why the weight marked on each package must be the weight of this product. Afterwards, the editor understood that it was because of the help of a checkweigher. This product is also called a weight sorting machine.
  • What is the checkweigher for?
    What is the checkweigher for?
    Product features of checkweigher 1. Adopt advanced 32-bit high-speed processing chip. 2. Large-size touch screen LCD display and high-performance operating system. 3. Multifunctional and humanized operation interface. 4. Chinese-English/English operating language selection. 5. Large-capacity product storage and abnormal records. 6. All digital signal processing and transmission. 7. Adopt German HBM high quality weight sensor.