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All metal detectors escort food

All metal detectors escort food

Issue Time:2020-05-18
   Metal detectors machine escort food; with the gradual improvement of global requirements for the safety of metal detectors for food and the sanitation and quality of exported food, at the same time, in order to prevent damage to the good quality image and company reputation established through years of hard work, prevent metal The mixing of foreign matter into food products has become a necessary topic in quality management.

   Metal detector for food
   Although the company has strict management procedures in the production process, corresponding protective measures will be taken against the incorporation of metal foreign bodies, but it cannot be completely ruled out. Metal mixing caused by raw materials, such as residual broken needles in meat, nails, fish hooks, staples mixed in powdered raw materials, etc.; man-made causes, such as buttons, coins, keys, rings, necklaces, etc., Forgotten screwdrivers, nuts, screws, welding slag, inadequate cleaning of metal shavings, etc. caused by on-site repairs of food metal detectors, as well as engineering in the workshop, such as equipment aging and falling rust, old The missing pieces of the steel, the parts on the conveyor belt, the broken pieces of the stainless steel screen, the slicer and the crusher blades, etc. are all culprits of metal mixing (a person once provided a metal detector service for a tea factory. None of the finished products can pass the inspection of the metal detector, and the safety officer of the tea factory repeatedly claimed that there is no possibility of metal shavings in the tea. The metal detection equipment later unpacked part of the finished product and tried it with a magnet. Pieces of iron filings similar to tea leaves. It turns out that tea leaves are inevitably used in a large iron pan during processing, and metal foreign bodies are mixed in due to rust and fall of the iron pan.)
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Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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