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Food Metal Detector Let us eat at ease!

Food Metal Detector Let us eat at ease!

Issue Time:2020-10-27

The issue of food safety is not uncommon in our real life. At the same time, the brand effect of the company's products has fallen sharply due to the incorporation of metal foreign bodies. We have to redouble our efforts to restore it. Once it has reached the stage of litigation, huge litigation and compensation costs are likely to occur; in addition, if metal foreign objects are mixed in and cause damage to high-end production equipment, not only equipment will occur. The repair cost will also cause various wastes in production.

With the gradual improvement of global food safety and export food hygiene and quality requirements, and in order not to damage the good quality image and company reputation established through years of hard work, preventing metal foreign matter from mixing into food products has become a must in quality management topic. However, food safety metal detectors machine use the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metals. All metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous metals, have high detection sensitivity, and ferromagnetic metals entering the detection area will affect the distribution of magnetic lines of force in the detection area, thereby affecting the magnetic flux in a fixed range. Non-ferromagnetic metals entering the detection area will produce eddy current effects, and the food metal detector will also cause different changes in the magnetic field distribution in the detection area.

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