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Instructions for the use, adjustment and maintenance of the metal separator

Instructions for the use, adjustment and maintenance of the metal separator

Issue Time:2020-10-27

The metal separator circuit has no adjustment part except for the sensitivity adjustment potentiometer. As long as the welding is correct, the circuit can work normally. When the whole machine is in a static state, that is, when the loudspeaker is not sounding, the total current is about 10mA. When the sound from the metal loudspeaker is detected, the whole machine current rises to 20mA.

If the new metal separator does not work properly, first check whether the components and wiring on the circuit board are incorrectly welded, and then measure whether the battery voltage and power supply circuit are normal. The stabilized voltage of the Zener diode VD1 is between 5.5V and 6.5V, VD2 Do not reverse the polarity. Do not weld wrongly at the primary and secondary ends of the oscillating coil in the detection disc.

Maintenance instructions for metal separators:

1. Equipment maintenance (especially welding and drilling) is prohibited during equipment operation. Isolation barriers should be set up to prevent welding slag and debris from being scattered.

2. A complete isolation board should be used when installing new equipment.

3. Before the repaired equipment is returned to the production line, it should be cleaned with magnetic pads, brushes and vacuum cleaners.

4. After completing any repair or installation, a member of the quality assurance team should inspect the equipment and its surrounding area.

5. Precautions for the use of metal separators.

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