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IP classification

IP classification

Issue Time:2020-10-27

IP rating means dustproof and waterproof rating. The first × in IP×× indicates the dustproof level, the second × indicates the waterproof level, and each number represents a characteristic. The specific level represents the degree of protection of the product from the intrusion of impurities, including humidity and dust. The higher the value, the better the protection. See the table for details:


Dustproof grade (the first × meaning) Waterproof grade (the second × meaning)

0: No protection 0: No protection

1: Prevent the intrusion of large solids. 1: Water droplets will not affect the shell.

2: Prevent the intrusion of medium-sized solids 2: When the shell is tilted to 15 degrees, the water droplets will not affect the shell

3: Prevent small solids from entering and intruding 3: Water or rain will not affect the shell from the 60 degree corner

4: Prevent solid objects larger than 1mm from entering. 4: Liquid splashed into the shell from any direction has no harmful effect

5: Prevent the accumulation of harmful dust 5: Rinse with water without any harm

6: completely prevent dust from entering 6: can be used in the cabin environment

7: Can be used for short-term water resistance (1m)

8: Long time immersion under certain pressure


Example: When the label is IP65, it means that the product can completely prevent dust from entering and can be washed with water without any harm.

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