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SYNDAR plastic metal separator helps you improve the efficiency of plastic production and processing

SYNDAR plastic metal separator helps you improve the efficiency of plastic production and processing

Issue Time:2020-10-27

In recent years, plastic production and processing companies have generally felt unprecedented competitive pressure. In the long run, if companies want to maintain their competitiveness in the industry, they must provide higher-quality products, and the premise is to make the production process more efficient. Highly automated production minimizes downtime and helps reduce production costs while improving production efficiency.

The smooth operation of the production machine depends largely on the metal impurity content of the processed plastic particles or recycled materials. Especially when processing recycled materials in order to reduce costs, the metal impurities contained in the particles often cause production downtime. Metal impurities in the processed material can often cause blockage of the hot runner and damage to tools, nozzles, check valves, cylinders and plasticizing screws. Solving such failures takes quite precious time, and it also affects the productivity of the enterprise. In order to ensure that the use of recycled materials can effectively save costs for enterprises, while the product quality is fully up to standard, avoid downtime and improve production efficiency, most plastic production and processing enterprises choose plastic metal separators.

Increase machine running time-avoid failure

SYNDAR has various iron removal systems and plastic metal separators, which can be applied to various fields of plastic production and processing industries. Plastic metal separators are mainly used to protect processing machinery and tools. Their application can effectively avoid downtime caused by the metal impurities contained in the processed particles, and at the same time improve the continuity and efficiency of production. Plasticized screw, nozzle, check valve and cylinder are reliably protected. 

Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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