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Various functions of x-ray foreign body detector

Various functions of x-ray foreign body detector

Issue Time:2020-10-27

x ray inspection equipment is particularly suitable for the food production environment, providing a universal and space-saving solution for detecting various foods in the production process and at the end of the production line.

  X ray inspection equipment can easily identify various metal contaminants including ferrous, non-ferrous, and even non-magnetic stainless steel that is difficult to detect, and can remove them from the manufacturing process in time.

  X ray inspection equipment has many advantages. It can improve operating efficiency, enhance competitiveness and reduce total cost of ownership, thereby realizing large profits. The extremely high detection sensitivity and stable operation allow your customers to sit back and relax in product safety and provide protection for your brand.

  X ray inspection equipment product features:

  1. It adopts dual-channel signal detection circuit combination technology, which has high sensitivity and high anti-interference ability.

  2. With dual signal display function. When a metal object passes, the two signal indicators show different inductive intensities according to the size of the metal.

  3. The signal processing is completed by the digital circuit, the adjustment is simple, stable and reliable.

  4. It has a product effect adjustment function, such as sugar-containing products, salt-containing foods, such as meat products, etc., will produce a metal-like signal to the metal detector. This effect will affect the detection effect, and this function can reduce the product effect , To achieve better detection results.

   5. x ray inspection equipment has a leak-proof function. When multiple metal signals pass, the instrument will automatically detect the number of signals, and the actuator will not be missed when it moves. It has a conveyor belt to prevent deviation.

   6. The whole machine is made of mirror stainless steel, laser cutting and welding technology, waterproof and dustproof design, and Taiwan high-power motor.

  7. The x ray inspection equipment adopts sound and light alarm and stops at the same time. It is extremely convenient and reliable to operate and use. It also has super shockproof ability.

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