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industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600

industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600

industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600
industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600
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Industrial x ray machines maximum tube voltage80KV
Maximum tube current0.5mA
industrial x ray inspection focal spot size10um
x ray food inspection systems resolution1124*100
Update Time2021-03-07
Detail Information
Using industrial x ray inspection, you can:
industrial x ray inspection equipment stage speed: "slow", "normal speed", "fast" can be controlled by the space bar.
The x ray inspection system stage can be positioned in X, Y, ZF directions; X-ray tube and X-ray detector orientation.
in line x ray inspection super large navigation window, easy to locate and identify defective products.

Industrial x ray inspection advantages:
industrial x ray inspection is a new type of industrial x ray inspection equipment from SYNDAR. Industrial x ray inspection systems can be applied to different industrial product groups to detect missing or damaged industrial components and identify potentially hazardous substances in the industry.

Users can control the speed and angle of the stage through programming.
Industrial X-ray inspection systems can distinguish between dark areas composed of lead and light areas without lead.
Adopt the structure of high-resolution enhanced screen and sealed micro-focus X-ray tube, through X-ray non-destructive fluoroscopy inspection, clear pictures can be observed in real time.
SYNDAR is a professional manufacturer of x ray inspection machine companies, focusing on x ray machine food manufacturing.
Device model
NJ launch tube
Light pipe type
Closed X-ray tube
Maximum tube voltage
Maximum tube current
Focal spot size
Geometric magnification: 15× system magnification: 1000X

60° tilt of detector
Cabinet specifications
Stage size
Length:600mm, width 600mm, height800mm
Equipment net weight
Input voltage
AC110-220V (±10%) (international power supply method)
X-ray leakage
operating system
Total power
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
x ray inspection food industry anti-collision system can meet the maximum tilt and observation of objects.
The portable x ray inspection system automatically analyzes the BGA diameter, void ratio, area and roundness.
The powerful software measurement function of x ray for food inspection greatly improves the inspection efficiency.
Regardless of the size, shape or position of the contaminants in the ceramics, the contaminants can be easily detected.
X-ray inspection technology has stable performance. Can check water pipes, bulbs, etc.
Can detect electronic objects, such as BGA\PCB\LED, etc.
The X-ray foreign body inspection machine can also perform product missing inspection, damaged packaging inspection, and weight inspection. For example: toys.
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