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Intensive scanning compact X-ray inspection

Intensive scanning compact X-ray inspection

Intensive scanning compact X-ray inspection
Intensive scanning compact X-ray inspectionIntensive scanning compact X-ray inspectionIntensive scanning compact X-ray inspectionIntensive scanning compact X-ray inspectionIntensive scanning compact X-ray inspection
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conveyor belt width (mm)250
Conveyor belt height (mm)850±30
Conveyor speed (m/min)10~100
x ray inspection system Detector typelinear scan
x ray inspection equipment display15''LCD
Update Time2021-03-07
Detail Information
Use Compact X ray inspection, you can:
x ray food inspection systems adopt MTBF, MTTR analysis and equipment management-image storage (automatic storage for 1 month)/printing/analysis.
inline x ray inspection can print reports.
Inspection x ray system alarm function.
There are protective devices wherever X-rays go to prevent leakage, which is a safe design that can be used with confidence.

Compact X-ray inspection advantages:
Compact X-ray inspection is SYNDAR's new online x ray food inspection. The inspection level of x ray inspection system manufacturers has reached the standard, high standard and high inspection accuracy.Precise scanning can ensure product safety.

Inspection x ray monthly alarm information printing function.
Automatic alarm function when in line x ray inspection is dangerous.
Master daily operations in 5 minutes.
x ray inspection supports remote control.
Food x ray machine price of x ray inspection systems technology market SYNDAR has great advantages.
Conveying bandwidth (mm)
Conveyor height (mm)
Conveyor speed (m/min)
X-Ray output
X-Ray leaked
Detector type
Linear scan
Linear scan
Pixel size
15'' touch screen
15'' touch screen
Intellisense® Softwore
Intellisense® Softwore
operating system
Windows XP
Windows XP
power supply
Operating environment
Ambient temperature: 50~35°/humidity: 30~85%RH (no condensation)
Ambient temperature: 50~35°/humidity: 30~85%RH (no condensation)
Weight (Kg)
Size (mm)
Product size chart
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
Pharmaceutical x ray inspection guarantees ease of use based on an intuitive graphical user interface.
x ray machine food safety, as an expert in the food industry, provides customers with the best solutions.
The digital x ray imaging inspection system can save the inspection images of all products (pass/fail products)
Suitable for various tank shapes and sizes. Typical applications include instant food, pet food.
The X-ray inspection system can also inspect the integrity and appearance of daily necessities, providing additional quality assurance.
The system can simultaneously perform extensive quality control, including monitoring various container defects. Such as: wine
x ray machines for food inspection are also very suitable for inspecting raw and frozen meat, such as beef burger patties and chicken nuggets.
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