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More energy security X-ray machine

More energy security X-ray machine

More energy security X-ray machine
More energy security X-ray machineMore energy security X-ray machineMore energy security X-ray machineMore energy security X-ray machineMore energy security X-ray machine
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Security x ray machine channel size500 (width) × 300 (height) mm
x ray security scanner conveyor belt speed0.22m/s
conveyor belt rated load150 kg
Penetration10mm steel plate
Pass rate720/h
Update Time2021-03-07
Detail Information
Use More energy security X-ray machine, you can:
mobile x ray inspection system date and time display, working status display, image miniature display.
x ray security inspection system has operator identification code, baggage technology, emergency stop, power-on self-diagnosis function.
The x ray baggage inspection system has a network interface to transmit data and images in real time.

Advantages of More energy security X-ray machine:
More energy security X-ray machine is SYNDAR's new metal detector x ray machine, a fully digital security inspection machine, from signal reception to image display, fully digital signal transmission processing,The image is clear and the anti-interference ability is strong.

The contrast of the dark area in the x ray machine baggage scanner image makes the difficult-to-penetrate area clearer.
X ray cargo inspection partial zoom function, real-time dynamic zoom.
x ray baggage inspection system has multi-energy colors: organic matter is orange, inorganic matter is not blue, and mixture is not green.
SYNDAR is a professional manufacturer of security and inspection equipment companies, security x ray machine for sale for various industries, x ray inspection machine price has a great advantage in the market
Channel size
650 (width) × 500 (height) mm
800 (width) × 650 (height) mm
Conveyor speed
Conveyor belt rated load
0.0787 mm diameter metal wire
0.0787 mm diameter metal wire
32mm steel plate
32mm steel plate
Passing rate
Penetration resolution
0.254 mm diameter
0.254 mm diameter
Spatial resolution
Horizontal: 1.3mm diameter Vertical: 1.3 mm diameter
Horizontal: 1.3mm diameter Vertical: 1.3 mm diameter
Film safety
Safe for ISO1600 film
Safe for ISO1600 film
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
Security check multifunctional X ray machine adopts multi-core ARM, CPU, simple system architecture, extremely low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection.
L-shaped photodiode array detector (detector), 16bit depth.
The screen can be switched when it is still, and it can be switched freely when it is dynamic.
The airport security x ray machine provides security inspection services for highways, railways, customs, docks and other places.
X-ray machine can check whether the logistics express is carrying illegal items.
Designed for security inspections in public security, courts, procuratorates, prisons, detention centers and other places.
x ray machine for luggage is specially designed for important places such as tourist attractions, sports and cultural venues, conference centers, expo centers, luggage storage, shopping malls, hotels, etc..
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