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Metal Detector Machine for Detecting Drugs

Metal Detector Machine for Detecting Drugs

Metal Detector Machine for Detecting Drugs
Metal Detector Machine for Detecting DrugsMetal Detector Machine for Detecting DrugsMetal Detector Machine for Detecting DrugsMetal Detector Machine for Detecting DrugsMetal Detector Machine for Detecting Drugs
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Metal detector machine outputrelay (5A) / 1A1B 2 sol,DC24V, AC220V current 0.2A
Power supplysingle-phase(110~220V)& three-phase(220~380V,etc.)
Free period(50 or 60Hz)
Operating temperature0℃~50℃
Terms of PaymentT/T
Update Time2021-04-13
Detail Information
With Metal detector machine, you can:
Metal Detection Waterproof and Dustproof (IP66) certification standard
Metal detection systems automatically absorb the influence of functions, vibration, noise, etc.
The metal detector scanner machine cannot accept the fault characteristics of the contaminated product at the time of mechanical or electrical failure.

Advantages of Metal detector machine
Medicine metal detector is SYNDAR's new Pharmaceutical Metal Detectors. The medicine metal detector is mainly used to detect all metal impurities in medicines, such as iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal impurities.

The sensitivity of the machine metal detector complies with national standards, which can ensure the safety of medicines.
Metal detector machine for pharmaceutical industry intelligent automatic filter detection technology can ensure the accuracy of metal detection.
Maximum detection of up to 15,000 medicines per minute
SYNDAR is a professional manufacturer of metal detector machine companies.
Buy metal detector machine SYNDAR Metal detection machine supplier will be your first choice.
Tunnel size
Pass size
Sensitivity (iron)
Sensitivity (stainless steel)
Angle adjustable range
Entrance height
Exit height
Metal Detector Machine Size Chart
Product size chart
Metal Detector Machine Size Chart
Features of Metal Detector Machine
The 32-bit microprocessor adopts more precise operation and performance equipment, reducing safeline metal detector faults.
Advanced detection systems metal detector software can be upgraded to the latest version through USB and touch screen
Controllable metal detection history, USB disk and printer (optional)
metal detector machine principle: In order to reduce the risk of product recalls caused by metal contaminants in the medicinal material processing industry, the sensitivity to all metal types has been improved,
The metal detector machine can detect all types of powders, and can detect ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and some stainless steels that are difficult to detect.
Metal detection systems can be integrated with conveying equipment to provide advanced metal detection and rejection solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare products processing applications.
The medical metal detector is specially designed to detect tiny metals such as metal chips and metal wires mixed in capsules and particles.
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