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The fiber automatic laser marking machine

The fiber automatic laser marking machine

The fiber automatic laser marking machine
The fiber automatic laser marking machineThe fiber automatic laser marking machineThe fiber automatic laser marking machineThe fiber automatic laser marking machineThe fiber automatic laser marking machine
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ModelLS-20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine Standard Edition
Laser power of marking machine20W/30W/50W/100W
Laser marking machine beam qualityM=1.5
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.01mm
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Update Time2021-04-13
Detail Information
Using fiber laser marking machine, you can:
Using pulsed fiber laser, the life span can reach 100,000 hours.
laser marking machine for metal is energy-saving and low-power, fully air-cooled, low cost, energy saving, and the power consumption of the whole machine is 1000W.
Tag marking machine optional functions: rotation, 3D curved surface, 3D dynamic large format, conveyor line, auto focus, automation, long text, CCD camera positioning, etc.
Multiple options such as full enclosure, handheld, desktop, automation, customization, etc.

Advantages of fiber laser marking machine
The fiber laser marking machine is the laser label marking machine of SYNDAR company, with high precision marking effect and long-term stability. Proprietary aviation plug, simple docking, fast, accurate, low impedance, and signal output more smoothly.

High-speed digital shock, repeated positioning accuracy of 0.01mm, assembly line coding speed up to 80 meters.
Genuine Golden Orange marking system, running on Windows platform.
laser marking machine engraving optional effects: marking black, marking white, stainless steel color, deep engraving, etc.
marks performance machine aluminum alloy workbench, 25/50mm, with right-angle positioning bar, optional two-dimensional workbench, easy to adjust the marking position before and after.
LS-20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine Standard Edition
Laser light source
IPG/ Ruike/ Chuangxin/ Huazhen
Laser power
Beam quality
Q's laser frequency modulation
Standard mark area
140mm*140mm (100*100, 170*170, 200*200, 240*240, 300*300 optional)
Mark depth
Minimum character size
cooling system
Wind cooling
Power consumption
Minimum line width
Product size and weight
760*600*150mm  80kg
Package size and weight
900*750*1300mm  150kg
Marking speed
600-1000 character/s
Power supply
220Vac/50Hz, 110Vac/50Hz optional
Power plug
European plug, American plug, SANS plug, etc.
Features of Glass X-ray inspection:
The automatic marking machine adopts a high-speed swing motor (optional American CTI motor and drive), and supports an assembly line marking speed of 100/min.
The marker machine uses a quartz lens with a life span of more than 5 years to ensure that the uniformity and light intensity are up to standard.
Ergonomic design, stable lifting error, high precision, accurate and precise marking.
Fiber marking machine can be used for product name marking or packaging marking in various industries. Such as jewelry marking machine
It can print QR code or bar marking machine on metal and non-metal materials to improve the anti-counterfeiting degree.
It has the advantages of precision and speed, and is widely used in auto parts marking, such as auto parts laser marking machine.
Industrial fiber laser marking machine can be used to print various logos on household appliances.
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