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x ray inspection equipment

x ray inspection equipment

X-Ray inspection systems manufacturers Syndar designs and manufactures X-ray inspection machines to identify foreign objects in products. 

It can detect foreign matter in metal packaging and aluminum film packaging that cannot be achieved by metal detectors machine. It can perform contaminant detection, shape analysis, missing items and packaging integrity issues at the same time, and conduct strict monitoring to ensure the overall product quality.

X-Ray Inspection systems offer a great range of benefits including:
●SD-X is the perfect entry to the high-quality product line of high-tech X-ray inspection system with CW series of checkweighers and rejection system.

●The X-ray scanner has been carefully designed and developed to meet the most stringent foreign body detection requirements of the x ray inspection systems technology market, and can achieve comprehensive detection, which can detect whether it contains stones, glass, plastics, bones and other impurities at the same time , To detect whether there are defects in the product. Such as damage, packaging defects, missing packages, etc., this function is unique in the world.

●Different from other similar products in the same industry, the brightness of our X-ray light source does not need to be adjusted to achieve good detection results, and the detection level reaches the world's highest level.
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X-ray machine capable of detecting bulk food
Model: SD-X-3000
X-Ray output: 80kVp/1.25mA
Suitable for detection of foreign objects in bulk materials, such as snacks or grains.
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Intensive scanning compact X-ray inspection
Model: XD-X-500L,XD-X-2300L
X-Ray leaked:<1uSv/h
The compact size can detect all foreign objects in the system, with high level and high detection accuracy
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Metal plastic container type X-ray inspection
Model: SD-X-5000,SD-X-7000
X-Ray output: 150kVp/7.5mA
Pixel size: 0.4mm
The X-ray inspection system can detect items in metal or plastic containers.
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industrial x ray inspection SD-X-5600
Model: SD-X-5600
Total power:1KW
Industrial X-ray inspection, specially designed for detecting foreign bodies and metals in various industries
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High resolution X-ray inspection system
Model: NJ series
X-ray leakage: High-resolution X-ray inspection equipment can detect foreign objects in industrial objects in real time
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Single package X-ray inspection
Model: SD-X-3500L,SD-X-3500D,SD-X-4000
X-Ray output: 80kVp/1.25mA
Check whether there is metal in the packaged article or detect whether there is a defect.
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X-ray machine that can inspect the inside of glass
Model: XD-9000
X-Ray output: 150kVp/7.5mA
Pixel size: 0.4mm
Physical pollution in glass containers is suitable for various glass containers.
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Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

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