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X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner

X-Ray Baggage Scanner security inspection equipment is a new security inspection device.f an object's mass and density fall within the range of a dangerous material, x ray scanners will warn the operator of a potential hazardous object. 

Syndar x ray baggage machine manufacturers advanced technology, reliable products and services, in civil aviation, public transportation (such as subway), public security, customs, docks, important facilities, large-scale international events, large-scale sports Notable.

Results have been achieved in competitions and other industry applications.X-ray baggage scanners are very useful, but have very little impact on our bodies. The smallest radiation dose is <0.1 µGy, and the largest is <0.15 µGy. This is a small ratio that will not harm our health.
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Portable x ray baggage scanner
Model: SD-S-5030
Conveyor belt speed: 0.22m/s
Fast detection speed, suitable for X-ray machines for small luggage or handbag detection.
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Scan large luggage X-ray machine
Model: SD-S-10080
An X-ray machine suitable for inspecting large suitcases, no matter how large it is, does not affect X-ray penetration.
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More energy security X-ray machine
Model: SD-S-6550,SD-S-8065
Conveyor belt speed: 0.22m/s
Fully digital security inspection machine with clear image and strong anti-interference ability.
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