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Metal detector machine

The metal detector machine is one of our main products for more than years.With our continuous efforts, we achieved to develop new technologies.Now our metal detectors are installed in not only food (fish, poultry, chicken, beef, vegetables, sweets, snacks, chocolates, breads, grains, rice, etc.), but also pharmacy, clothing, cosmetic and various other industries.

Syndar safeline metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect magnetic or non-magnetic metals.

The sensitivity of our SD-5 series metal detection systems exceeds industry standards, leading the international closed and complete detection coil system, strict, precise and precise automatic filtering detection system, super anti-interference ability。

Such as vibration, noise, etc., high-level dustproof , Waterproof (IP66) certification can detect all metals, such as iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc., highly sensitive metal detection equipment is especially suitable for the food industry and other industries. 

It can be installed on a belt or chain conveyor belt as a metal detector conveyor machine, and can also be combined with an automatic checkweigher and rejection system, which can be quickly and easily integrated into your processing or packaging line, providing manufacturers in the smallest space Maximum quality control.

Metal detector machine

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Pipe metal detector capable of detecting liquid
Model: SD-5000IP-3
It is designed to provide metal detection for liquid or pasty items, with a detector attached to a metal separator
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Metal Detector Machine for Detecting Drugs
Model: SD-5000IP-2
Exit height:450-780mm
A detector specially developed for detecting various types of tablets and powdered medicinal materials.
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Metal Detection Conveyor System
Model: SD-500QS /SD-500QN
Pass width:200-760
A variety of specifications and a variety of sensitivity options, better performance, more stable detector.
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Highly sensitive <5000IP-1>metal detector
Model: 500IP-1
A detector that has higher sensitivity than ordinary metal detectors and can detect various impurities.
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Dps Technology<500qz> Metal Detector Machine Food
Model: SD-500QZ
Conveyor belt width: 250-550
The detector adopts advanced DSP technology to improve the detection accuracy and stability.
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Syndar has been focusing on innovations in food packaging, weighing, and quality inspection and control. Experienced and aggressive employees

  • Checkweigher-multiple practical functions
    Checkweigher-multiple practical functions
    Many of the packages we buy will mark the weight in grams. In fact, I thought about why the weight marked on each package must be the weight of this product. Afterwards, the editor understood that it was because of the help of a checkweigher. This product is also called a weight sorting machine.
  • What is the checkweigher for?
    What is the checkweigher for?
    Product features of checkweigher 1. Adopt advanced 32-bit high-speed processing chip. 2. Large-size touch screen LCD display and high-performance operating system. 3. Multifunctional and humanized operation interface. 4. Chinese-English/English operating language selection. 5. Large-capacity product storage and abnormal records. 6. All digital signal processing and transmission. 7. Adopt German HBM high quality weight sensor.