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Customized combination checkweigher

Customized combination checkweigher

Combination checkweigher can be used in automated assembly lines to automatically sort products with different weights. It has the characteristics of fast detection speed, high measurement accuracy and strong expansion performance.
Combining checkweighing and metal detection, x-ray and vision inspection systems into combination inspection systems for efficient use of space.

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Positive negative static checkweigher
Model: "CW230FR02 CW4030L2",CW300FR3
Two sorting methods, positive and negative, the preset range is compared with the actual weight for sorting.
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Checkweigher metal detector combination
Model: CW3023L05-15,CW3523L1-15,CW4023L2-20
In the process of weighing, the items containing metal impurities can be sorted to the detectors in different areas.
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High precision Automatic weight sorting scale
Model: CW3512LC05-20,CW3516LC1-20,CW3523LC2-20,CW3530LC3-
A variety of weight standards can be set to sort products of different weights to checkweighers in various areas.
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Labeling automatic checkweigher
Model: CML3530L1,CW3523L1-15,CW4023L2-20
All-in-one machine for weighing, labeling and scanning. It is the best choice for logistics and production lines.
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