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case sealer machine

case sealer machine

Case sealer machine, four corner sealing machine is a new type of sealing glue machine produced by SYNDAR company, we provide customizable sealing machine.
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Automatic folding and sealing machine
Model: SD-FC500DS
Use tape: W48/60/75mm
Automatically fold and automatically seal the box with tape.
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Manual folding and sealing machine
Model: SD-FA500 ,SD-FA500P ,SD-FA4050, SD-FP500AJ,
Belt speed: 20-28m/min
Cooperate with manual to complete the precise sealing work
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Box sealing machine with four corners
Model: SD-FG500I,SD-FG500L,SD-FG500L,SD-FH500L
Minimum power consumption: 0.4KW
Four-corner H-shaped sealing can be completed at one time
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